Chinese Drums

The Chinese Drum group was formed back in May 2018, with the intention of exposing clients to different types of activities.

Under the guidance of Mr Ngoh Kheng Seng from Singapore Chinese Orchestra, the drummers have made progress after each practice session and are much more confident to showcase their skills now.

Strength: Skills, knowledge and attitudes related to maintaining or improving health (mental and physical)


Hi! I am Faiza!

You may converse with me in Tamil and a little bit of English. Do give me some time to respond to your question if it is in English.

I like colouring, singing, dancing, badminton games and ball games.

Strength: I am good in Chinese Drums, balancing, dancing and playing games with my friends

Jing Xiang

Hi! I am Jing Xiang!

You may converse with me in Mandarin and English. I also do express my emotions through facial expression. Do look out for it!

I like Maths, sports and computer/ipad games. I love to eat especially vegetables and meat.

Strength: I am good in Chinese Drums, manage my YouTube channel and playing sports.

Beng Hock

Hi! I am Beng Hock!

You may converse with me in English, Mandarin, Hokkien
Don’t ask me more than one question at a time.

I like outings, eating, watching T.V., dancing and travelling.

Strength: I am good in Chinese Drums, house hold chores and taking public transport.

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