Community Living

Our community living programme was develop to encourage interaction between clients and the community around our centres. It is also a programme that teaches clients on how to meaningfully contribute back to the community. Such activities are organising tea session with the residents nearby, collect newspaper for recycling, and volunteer at nearby nursing homes.


Hi I am Joel!

I am very friendly and I love being around people and having a good time. You may converse with me in English and Mandarin.

I enjoy singing Christian songs and dancing and often get people to join me in a sing-along.

Strength: I am good in motivating and cheering for my friends and family. I can also pray and sing Christian songs very well.

Jing Xiang

Hi! I am Jing Xiang!

You may converse with me in Mandarin and English. I also do express my emotions through facial expression.

I like Maths, sports,computer/ipad games. I love to eat especially vegetables and meat.

Strength: I am good in Chinese Drums, manage my YouTube channel and playing sports.

Siong Chuan

Hi! I am Siong Chuan, but I like to be called Ah Chuan.

Mandarin, Hokkien, English. I prefer Hokkien, less Mandrin and English. Talk to me in full sentences.

You may converse with me in Hokkien, Mandarin and English. Although I do prefer to speak in Hokkien.

I like music, dancing, games related to numbers, going out to eat, gatherings and being in a crowd.

I like watching Taiwan dramas, soccer games, travelling and competitive games.

Strength: I am able to read and write simple English, do most household work, good in drawing and have good memory. I am very competitive in sports and I like to show the world what I can do.

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