Cooking & Baking

Cooking and baking programme is part of our training in Activities of Daily (ADL). The objective of this programme is to provide our clients with a set of skills and knowledge to prepare a simple meal for themselves. Clients will learn step by step from recognising ingredients to the cooking methods. The meals could range from a simple sandwich to fried rice.

Strength: Skills, knowledge and attitudes related to caring for self

Yee Loo

Hi! I am Yee Loo!

You may converse with me in English, Mandarin, Cantonese as I can understand full sentences.

I am very sensitive to touch, especially my shoulders and back.

I like potato chips, play computer, music, puzzles, swimming, travelling, being outdoors, window shopping, particularly electrical appliances.

Strength: I am good in kitchen activities such as peeling bean sporuts and long beans. I even help to peel egg shells! I am also good at doing puzzles and expressing myself as I will usually tell you how I feel.


Hi! I am Farid!

You may converse with me in Malay or using pictures. I tend to mumble when I talk.

I love Art & Craft, baking, music and ball games.

Strength: I am very good in running, doing household chores and keeping myself clean.

Jian Ji

Hi! I am Jian Ji, but I prefer you to call me JJ!

You may converse with me in English and Mandarin. I will run around you because I am shy but I won’t run far away from you.

Once I am settled down, I will sit down and talk to you. I may start asking you a lot of things to know more about you.

Strength: I am good in playing basketball, helping my teachers with cooking and baking and following music rhythms.

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