Gardening has many health benefits for people with disabilities, and can provide a source of exercise, friendship, stimulation and relaxation. Our clients usually start off their day in SUN-DAC with gardening. You can find lime, lemongrass, papaya and even sweet potato in our garden.

Strength: Skills, knowledge and attitudes related to maintaining or improving health (mental and physical)


Hi. I am Joyce. I enjoy making new friends, and singing Chinese songs.

You can speak to me in English and Mandarin. Do give me some time to respond to you.

I love to apply make up and enjoy doing facial on myself.

Strength: I am good in housekeeping, listening to instructions and putting on simple make up.


Hi! I am Junaidah!

You can speak to me in English and Malay. I can speak fluently but I do not like eye contact.

I like Hello Kitty,watches and anything pink. My favourite food is rice, noodles, chicken, vegetables.

Strength: I am good in household chores, gardening, buying groceries and makes decision on things and issues based on my perception.

Woah Shing

Hi! I am Woah Shing!

You can speak to me in English and Mandarin. Im able to communicate verbally but my speech may be slurred/unclear.

I like to help with household chores and my friends.Sometimes I like to check on my teachers and interact with them

Strength: I can help to feed my friends, do household chores, purchase things myself and even report any incidents to my teacher.

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