Arts & Crafts

Art has long been known to have therapeutic value for persons with special needs. It gives them the channel to communicate and express their ideas in different forms. It can also be effective in improving motor function, cognitive function, and quality of life; can encourage self-discovery and emotional growth; and can provide emotional and physical integration.

Strength: Skills, knowledge and attitudes related to maintaining or improving health (mental and physical)


Hi! I am Rosnani but you can call me Rose.

You may converse with me in English and Malay. I am quiet and shy but I will warm up to you in time!

Strength: I love Art & Craft, folding clothes and table top activities.

Ling Wee

Hi! I am Ling Wee!

You may converse to me in Mandarin and English. Please don’t ask me more than one question at a time.

Strength: I like Ice-cream, watching T.V. alone, puzzles and outings.


Hi! I am Iswandi!

You may converse with me in Malay or using pictures.

Strength: I love Art & Craft and baking.

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