Our swimming programme was launch on September 2017 with the aim of increasing clients’ confidence, boost physical activity and at the same time learning a live saving skill. Under the guidance of an experience coach Quintus, our clients have been able to improve their flexibility, coordination, balance and posture and at the same time overcome their fear of water.

Strength: Skills, knowledge and attitudes related to maintaining or improving health (mental and physical)


Hi! I am Jimmy!

I can understand English and mandarin language but I will not be able to reply to you. I smile brightly to express my happiness.

I like swimming, music and outings such as shopping and visiting my grandparents

Strength: I am good in swimming, folding clothes, sweeping the floor and pack things. I am very quiet but I listen to instructions well.

Mow Sung!

Hi! I am Mow Sung!

You can speak to me in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

I like to do the same puzzle and outings.

Strength: I have good dexterity but needs the task to be demonstrated a few times. I am also good in simple arithmetic and understand money concept.


Hi! I am John!

You can speak to me in English and Mandarin. I am able to speak but I often use one word to communicate.

I like dancing and travelling.

Strength: I am good in swimming, counting numbers, colouring, dancing and being cooperative.

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