As part of SUN-DAC’s efforts to integrate our clients back into the community, we curate a travelling programme such as learning how to take public transport, using community facilities such as supermarket, food court or bank and the importance of road safety.

Strength: Skills, knowledge and attitudes related to engagement in the community


Hi . My name is Shaifunnisa. You can call me Nisa.
I am a very friendly person once I get to know you well. You may converse with me Malay, English or Tamil.

I love to go for a stroll and enjoy the scenary. I love to dance and sing too . I love to browse through magazines or books during my free time.

Strength: I like to help to do household chores such as mopping, sweeping and washing utensils. . I can do strings/beads threading and sorting activities well too.


Hi! I am Muralitharan, but I prefer you to call me Murali!

You may converse with me in English and Tamil. I can also understand a little bit of Hokkien.

I like music, dancing, games related to numbers, going out to eat, gatherings and being in a crowd.

Strength: I am good in memorizing numbers and events, read the time and identify the denominations of notes and coins. I am also good with household chores

Ling Wee

Hi! I am Ling Wee!

You may converse to me in Mandarin and English. Please don’t ask me more than one question at a time.

I like Ice-cream, watching T.V. alone, puzzles and outings.

Strength: I am good in drawing, doing puzzles, cleaning utensils and mopping the floor.

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