Our Bouldering programme was launch on September 2018 and is an activity that requires concentration, motor planning and sequential thought, among other skills. Under the careful guidance of the coaches from Boulder World, our clients had been able to improve their gross and fine motor skills, focus and attend to cognitive tasks better and develop receptive language.

Strength: Skills, knowledge and attitudes related to maintaining or improving health (mental and physical)


Hello! I am Zephan!

I am a soft-spoken guy who likes to be on my own and do my own things. You may converse with me in English.

I love to work on puzzles and I am good at using the computer.

Strength: I am very good with computers and can type very fast. I might be shy but I listen to instructions well.


Hi! I am Hidayah but you can call me Yaya.

I am friendly but shy at times. I am a very active person who loves to sing and dance

I am good at running and am one of the fastest runners among my friends

I love to play with baby dolls and eat spicy malay food.

Strength: I am good at dancing, balancing, singing and cheering people up.


Hi! I am Faiza!

You may converse with me in Tamil and a little bit of English. Do give me some time to respond to your question if it is in English.

I like colouring, singing, dancing, badminton games and ball games.

Strength: I am good in Chinese Drums, balancing, dancing and playing games with my friends

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