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A 13-member group, the Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) Fusion Dance Ensemble was started in 2006.

The group has come a long way, practicing for a few dance choreographies every year for performances. Although the dancers may take a longer time to learn the steps as compared to others, their passion for dance kept them going. As they get more engaged for performances over the years, it helped them to gain stage experience and boost their confidence. Besides performing at all DSA’s fundraising events, some of their other significant and well-received performances in the recent years.


Tony Dee (short for Tony Doevendans) is a Brisbane-born artist who loves simply putting a smile on people’s faces (or sometimes evoking a tear of nostalgia) with his swinging tunes and gentle love songs from the early jazz days to the 1950’s and beyond. His singing influences are Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat “King” Cole and Elvis Presley, among others. Tony was born with Spina Bifida and as a result is confined to a wheelchair but is actively passionate about living life and to the full.


Tony has performed at various larger church events such as public Christmas Carols and Easter services, and various charity and fundraising functions, and has been the guest entertainment at birthday parties and weddings for friends, only just a few years ago starting to be more deliberate in pursuing music as something that could lead to bigger and better things. His regular participation in Open Vault Nights at Caboolture led to an invitation to form part of the entertainment at the 2013 Royal Brisbane Show, the “Ekka”. This was very successful and followed by a repeat invitation for the 2014 show.


In 2016, Channel 4 in the UK spotted an open mic night video of Tony (on YouTube) and contacted him to see if he could possibly send in an audition video for their ad campaign “We Are the Superhumans”. After a selection process, Tony was chosen as the singer for the ad, singing the song “Yes I Can”. The advert was a smash hit, with 10s of millions of views on online platforms and international TV exposure. It has since won dozens of advertising awards.


Alienette was only two years old when her grandmother discovered that she could really sing and would teach her classical Filipino songs, and sing in small gatherings like family reunions and weddings.


It was Alienette’s passion for the French language and singing that led her to join France Got Talent in 2016. She had earlier enrolled in French as a course elective in college and learned the language in three years through blogs and online communities. And when she heard Edith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose, she found it so unique she wanted to learn all other French songs.


Alienette captivated the show’s judges and audience for her singing talent and voice, proficiency in speaking French, and for not giving up on her dreams. She drew tears for her rendition of I Dreamed a Dream from Les Misérables in the eliminations and earned a spot in the finals after she sang Les Moulins de Mon Coeur (The Windmills of Your Mind). Alienette brought much honor to her country when she went on to place Third in the 11th season of France Got Talent.


“I sing in different genres and languages to convey the idea that music is universal, boundless, diverse,” says Alienette. “We may have different nationalities, but to music, we’re all but citizens of the same small world. People may identify me as a blind singer, but to me, I’m a singer who happens to be blind.”


SUN-DAC’s ukulele comprises of staffs from our 3 different centres, coached by instructor Mr Mervyn Goh from Inaginarts. This group was brought together by their passion for music and is made up of a combination of staff with little to loads of musical background.


Mr Mervyn always makes the session fun and engaging for everyone. During practice, there wasn’t any moment of silence but only laughter could be heard in the practice room. Indeed, music has brought everyone closer to one another than before.


The QUACKS were formed through networking in the music collective Indigo Scales in early 2017.


A common sentiment that brought the band together was a desire to expand each individual’s repertoire of songs and musical taste. After a series of regular performances at open mics and public events, the band has developed a taste for groovy tunes and oldies.


Samuel was born a typical little boy but an unfortunate event changed the course of his life. It also shaped who he is today and what he has chosen to do in life. Through his music and other endeavors, Samuel showed us what courage and perseverance is in the face of life challenges. With the loving support of his family and friends, Samuel has achieved much in his young life. Like his life inspires others, his music touches lives.


Toby started early intervention when he was about two years old. An adorable and sweet-natured little toddler, he did not speak neither did he show much interest in other people or play like any typical two-year-olds. Within two years of intervention both at home and with professional supports, he made much progress and his parents decided to enrol him in a mainstream preschool. At the same time, they never stopped exploring what his interests and strengths are and quickly found that he has a ear for music. He picked up the skill of playing the piano just by listening and watching his sister practice. From that innocuous start, Toby began his musical journey. He is inspired by music and is totally committed to mastering the craft. He is moved by events in his young life or by the things and places he has been to, and uses these experiences to compose his own music. He also has a deep desire to bring music to others and to connect with others through it.


The Chinese drums group consists of SUN-DAC clients and staffs, coached by Mr Ngoh Kheng Seng from Singapore Chinese Orchestra. It was formed back in May 2018, with the intention of only exposing clients to different types of activities initially. However, through a few practices, it was discovered that some clients have good rhythmic sense. They also expressed their interest, hoping to put up a performance some day. Despite the difficulties faced during the practice sessions, the drummers never give up and tried to overcome them.


Under the guidance of Mr Ngoh, the drummers have made progress bit by bit and are much more confident to perform now. They had previously made their debut performance during the Mid Autumn Festival at South View Primary School. The drummers are looking forward to more performing opportunities in the future.

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