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Microgreens are edible greens that harvested at their seedling stage before maturation. They are typically grown for 1-2 weeks and grow up to a mighty height of 10cm. We can find them in a variety of colours such as green, pink, purple, red and their leaves take on different shapes and sizes.

Microgreens have amazing health benefits as they are packed with highly concentrated nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Research has shown that they can yield up to 40 times of nutrients as compared to their mature counterparts.

Although small, these beautiful and mighty greens pack a punch of intense flavours and are a convenient addition to any meal! Most common descriptions of microgreens are ‘fresh’, ‘sweet’, ‘spicy’, and ‘bitter’.

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Wasabi Mustard, Purple Kohlrabi, Radish – Purple Tango, Radish – Triton, Red Cabbage, Kale, Red Mizuna, Brocooli, Radish – Red Arrow, Radish – China Rose, Radish – Daikon