The CIRCLES Experience

Through the one session CIRCLES Experience, come learn how you can promote community inclusion as you volunteer and interact with our clients with disabilities in the irregular Day Activity Centre programme!

What Can We Achieve From The CIRCLES Experience?

Through CIRCLES Experience, the volunteers will be able to:

  1. Understand that their circle of support can expand to include those who are different from them;
  2. Design activities that promotes inclusion of persons with disabilities in their communities that can come under the longer-term CIRCLES  programme; and
  3. Foster respect for differences and to encourage relationships and friendships

What Would We Be Doing?

The CIRCLES Experience takes place as a facilitated workshop in three parts:

  1. A briefing to understand the idea of community inclusion
  2. Guided volunteering to support the TOs’ work in the classrooms to get a better understanding of the client’s daily curriculum.
  3. An ideation workshop to brainstorm new ideas to promote community inclusion, which future volunteering groups could take on

Whom Is The CIRCLES Experience Suitable For?

CIRCLES Experienceis suitable for a group of no more than 6 volunteers who are keen to try volunteering with people with disabilities. The programme is usually conducted in a smaller group for an optimal experience during the interactive workshop.

How Do We Sign Up?

Interested group volunteers can reach out to the Volunteer Management team via email at or call us at 6265 9428.

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