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Enhancing our Ageing Well Programme

Enhancing our Ageing Well Programme

May 2, 2023, Written by 0 comment

SUN-DAC would like to express our sincere gratitude to Chua Foundation for their generous sponsorship which made it possible for us to offer three critical programs to our Ageing Special Needs beneficiaries in Singapore:

(1) Modified Otago Exercise

(2) Be Strong

(3) Hama

This sponsorship aims to evolve existing structured programmes to delay issues and effects of the ageing special needs community.

The Modified Otago Exercise programme has been specifically designed to reduce the fall risk level by 30-40%, which is a significant improvement in preventing falls among seniors and individuals with special needs.

The Be Strong programme aims to build exercise tolerance, stamina, endurance in walking, improving flexibility, hand-leg-eye movement coordination, leg movement range, circulation/cardiac endurance.

The Hama programme has been instrumental in improving eye-hand coordination, focus and attention, concentration, task engagement, fine motor function, sitting endurance/tolerance.

Chua Foundation’s unwavering support has made these programs possible at Bedok, and SUN-DAC is grateful for their commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of the ageing special needs community in Singapore.

Ageing Well Programme aims to meet the rising demands of elderly disability care in Singapore and is one of the unique regular programmes providing customised care with structured physiotherapy support from trained professionals. We hope to continue the partnership with Chua Foundation to contribute to improving the quality of life of the elderly with disabilities in our society.

“Mr. Lim Tuan Mong, 63, with a history of stroke and cognitive impairment, showed sub-optimal participation at SUN-DAC. However, he became more active in group activities and exercises after joining the Ageing Well Program. He portrays himself as a good motivation to his peers during group exercises and participates in Hama beads activities independently. The team strives to maximise his potential to participate fully in DAC.

Mdm. Muslihad, 55, with intellectual and associated mental and hormonal disorders showed reluctance in physical activities. After joining Ageing Well Program, she improved, participated for 30+ mins in Modified Otago & Be strong activities, and showed interest in Hama bead activities with 30 min tolerance.” Ms Muthiah Vanitha, Senior Physiotherapist, AWWA – AHPG (MSF Hub) & SUN-DAC

Beneficiaries in Ageing Well Programme participates in exercise

Beneficiaries in Ageing Well Programme participates in exercise

Beneficiaries in Ageing Well Programme pose with physiotherapist

Beneficiaries in Ageing Well Programme participate in exercise

Beneficiaries in Ageing Well Programme participate in exercise




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